• Image of SK Magazine Issue #3
  • Image of SK Magazine Issue #3
  • Image of SK Magazine Issue #3

Release Date: November 2012
Cover: Jason Edmiston
Page Count: 44 pages
Age Range: 13+

This issue finds Strange Kid running amok in parodies of your favorite 80s and 90s TV series like HE-MAN, BEETLEJUICE, THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, RAINBOW BRITE and many more. It includes retrospectives of shows like Teen Wolf: TAS, Rambo, Toxic Avenger and even a "sneak peek" at the never-before-seen GIZMO AND THE GREMLINS animated series.

Jason Edmiston, Matthew Allison, Drew Rausch, David DeGrand, Brent Engstrom, James Callahan, Jon David Guerra, Kaylie McDougal, Aaron Blecha, Glen Brogan, John Rozum, Nige Ward, Craig Parillo, Brian Adams, Paxton Holley, Shawn Robare, Mitch Loidolt, Dan Barrett, Zé Burnay, Tessa Morrison, Brian Typhair, Nik Holmes

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